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2024                                  Washington University in St. Louis, Sam Fox School of Art & Design, MO

                                          MFA in Visual Art 


2020                                  Wheaton College, Norton MA 

                                          BA, Visual Arts & Economics 



2023                                     Sam Fox Travel Stipend, Washington University, St. Louis MO

2022                                     Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Fellowship, Washington University, St. Louis MO

                                             Sam Fox Travel Stipend, Washington University, St. Louis MO 

2021                                     Kimberly Gales Emerging Artist Scholar, Portland, OR  

2020                                     Miriam F. Carpenter Prize in Visual Art, Wheaton College, MA

​​2019                                     Davis International Fellowship, Wheaton College, Norton MA

​2018                                     Project for Peace Grant: Syros, Greece


2023                                    Weil Media Studio Artist in Residence, St. Louis MO 

2021                                    Norton Island Residency for Writers and Artists, Norton Island, ME

             .                              ACE, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Alta, UT

2019                                    Artist in Residence, Sustainable Bolivia NGO: Riberalta, Bolivia, 

​2018                                    Arts in Ireland, Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan County Clare, Ireland


Exhibition Record 


2023                                    Sunlight Shadows Dance on Eyelids, Kathrin Cawein Gallery of Art, Pacific University, OR  


Selected Group 

2023                                    Watch Your Head, City Foundry STL, St. Louis, MO 

                                            Ground Truths, Prichard Gallery University of Idaho, Moscow, ID 

                                            Perception/Deception, Des Lee Gallery, St. Louis, MO 

2022                                    Show Me, Washington University, St. Louis, MO 

                                            Gallery Without Walls, Lake Oswego, OR 

2021                                    Blue Sky's Pacific Northwest Drawers, Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, OR

                                            Beyond the Construct: Ceramic Biennial, Columbia Center for the Arts,Hood River, OR

                                            Emergence, Pacific Northwest Sculptors, Portland, OR 

                                            Sky Exchange II, PLACE Galeria, Portland, OR 

                                            A Watched Pot Always Boils, Umpqua Valley Arts Association Roseburg, OR

                                            Now What?, Dalles Art Center, Hood River, OR 

​2020                                    Many Frequencies; Equal Intensity, Beard and Weil Galleries, Norton, MA 

2019                                    Enormity, Attleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro, MA 

                                            The Gray Space, Wheaton College, Norton, MA

2018                                    Art in Ireland, Burren College of Art Ballyvaughan, Ireland


Teaching Experience 

2023                                   Teaching Assistant, Jack Risley, 3D Design, Washington University, Spring 2023 

2022                                   Teaching Assistant, Juan Chavez, 3D Design, Washington University, Fall 2022                 

2020 - 2022                        Faculty, Upper School Sculpture, Oregon Episcopal School (OES), Portland, OR 



2022                                  Hatzikos, Sophia. “Reincarnated Series”. Daniela Naomi Molnar. Oregon Humanities                                                        Magazine. Beyond. January 2022. 31-34.

2020 -                                Ongoing Materiom Contributor - published material recipe to a curated open  

                                           source bio-material library. Example, Butternut Squash Bio-Plastic. 


2023                                 David Slader, “Sophia Hatzikos: Shadows Dancing on Eyelids” Oregon ArtWatch. 

                                         Luke Whitaker, “Sunlight Shadows: Dance On Eyelids” The Pacific Index.

2021                                Janet Goetze, “Emerging Artist and Grant Park Neighbor Sophia Hatzikos Launches 

                                        Career” The Hollywood Star News.

                                        Mitch Forness, “3D Sculpture by Upper School Artists Installed on Campus” The Aardvark. 

                                        Laura Pedulli,  “Up-and-Coming Artist”, Wheaton College News. 

                                        “An Artist Reflects on Their Time In Alta”, ACE Alta Community Enrichment.

2019                                Fernanda Pérez, “Our Art Resident Organizes a Sustainable Fashion Show”, Sustainable                                                  Bolivia.

2018                                “Irish Inspiration”, Wheaton College News.

                                        “Reducing Wasted Produce in Greece”,  Wheaton College News.

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